Simba Solo 4.5m Rape Drill

Make a brew and see if this rig's for you!
Stock Code1097
MakeSimba Solo 4.5m Rape Drill
ModelSolo 4.5m

Simba Solo 4.5m OSR drill. Leading discs, 9 LD legs, DD rings, twin disc opener coulters, and fitted with S & K Nitro Bar 1,200ltr steel tank, ‘07 Stocks Turbo Jet Wizard Slug Pelleter and Stocks 6 outlet seeder unit rape drill.

The Sprayer has it’s own GPS for forward speed rate application.

The Seeders ( 2008 & 2007 ) take a signal from the tractor radar or wheel speed sensor.

They shut off when the machine is lifted out of work.

Legs are set 500mm apart and will go 500mm plus deep.

Opening and Coulter Discs are Great Plains.

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